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It was a daunting task, but a necessary one-to build a railroad across the United States to unite East and West! From 1863 to 1869, thousands of workers braved blizzards, flash floods, dangerous dynamite blasts, buffalo stampedes, and occasional Indian attacks as they labored across America's plains, prairie, mountains and desert.

This book includes:
· Reasons for the Railroad · Follow the Wagon Trail · The Central Pacific · The Union Pacific · The Golden Spike · Toil and Trouble · Chinese Laborers · New Cities · New Industries · Hands-on Activities · Reproducible Activities · Glossary · Fascinating Facts · Timeline · And Lots More!

The story of the Transcontinental Railroad, the Golden Spike, and the "Westward to Promontory" adventure gives students a compelling look at what it takes to make change, to make progress... and to do so in spite of all types of obstacles, most of them seemingly insurmountable, but which never stop those who dare to dream and do! Grab your hammer- and "ride the rails" in this fun, factual, and "can't believe they did that!" book!


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